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One of my hobbies is sailing.

At the beginning it did not matter what I sailed in, as long as it moved in the water. 

When I was a child living in Copenhagen, I spent alot of my time down by the harbour. I dreamed of sailing with all kinds of boats, steamships, schooner, wooden sail boats or any of the other kinds of boats that lied in the harbour. When I was at the beach I wondered if it was possible to just lay around and float in a rowboat on the water. I tried it a couple of times with a small dinghy with a small motor, or with oars just rowing around. It made me feel happy. On the lakes in Copenhagen I often rented a boat. It was here where I spent alot of my money. 

When I was 14, I sailed with Kosangas fleet ships as a cabin boy. The ship’s name was Sørine Tholstrup. Even though there were very long days, sometimes 14 hour days, I enjoyed sailing and feeling the rhythm of the ships movements.  

Sailing was not the future for me so I came to shore. Mange years after when I meet my wife, I sailed often on the Guden River near Randers in a small boat with a little motor which I rented. 

I still had yearning for sailing and was happy for when my friends took me on trips in their boats. They were larger motor boats when one could over night in. 

 A radical change came to me in 1992. A close friend offered my wife and I a five day trip on his boat. It was an older 25 foot sail boat and I accepted his offer, even though I hadn’t tried sailing on a sail boat it didn’t say anything for me.


 Hanne og Flemming in Korshavn,                                                       and throug wonderfull in Gabet.                                      

The boat was docked in Odense. We met at the boat during Whitsun 1992. It was warm and sunny, but it was abit cool that year. We went on board and sailed out threw the canal. It was just like steering  a motor boat  Vi chugged away, with me proudly steering. After sailing one hour we had sailed out of the channel to where it was more open waters in front of us. My friend then asked me to sail against the wind. It was hard for me to hold the same speed. I did as I was told and he went up deck to hoist the sails, then back to the cockpit and took over the steering wheel. He caught the wind, where as I could feel that the sail boat sailed a different way. It was just as if the boat moved like a swab in the water, light and elegant. We sailed through the waves, not like plowing through the waves as we would with a motor boat. It was a peaceful and wonderful trip.

We docked in Bregnør, a small cosy fishing harbour, where we had a nice evening. A couple of friends from up north came for a visit. The evening lasted way into the small hours of the morning. The following day sailed we out of the harbour with full sails up and throughout Gabet and sailed towards Samsø. The wind was strong and was right towards us. We sailed in all directions with constant steering with the sails changing from one side to the other. It felt good having with all that activity with constant steering. Because of the strong wind and the constant sailing into it we gave up on sailing to Samsø. We docked at a nature harbour by Fyns Hage with is called Korshavn. It was here where we saw and felt what all sailors special bond they had for each other. As soon as we started to dock there was someone there to take our mooring lines and bid us welcome with a fresh cup of coffee.

We had a wonderful evening and night and then the next day we set sail towards Odense again. In the beginning the wind was very strong making the boat move in all directions while sailing but it sailed good anywise. Later on the winds died down so much so we could just laze onboard and soaking up the sun. I was totally sold on sailing. I decided that that was something for me and I want a boat like that someday. 

A few years past and then one day I noticed that Sæby Sailingclub was searching for new members and guests. I wrote to the chairman asking if I could become a member of the club. On the following Wednesday I visited the club as a guest. They have club sailing every Wednesday. There was not a single sole that invited me to sail with them because I had to take my wife with me (she no longer could be alone because of her illness). There were to of the club members, one named Leif who had a Mosquito 85 sail boat, that I fell in contact with. I was with him sailing mange times when my wife was in respite care. The trips were to Hirsholmene and other wonderful places. One day while at home the phone rang: It was the chairman of the sailing club that called. He asked me if I was interested in taking a course so I could get my merit badge in sailing.

 After a winter season with learning all about starboard, port side, holding course, sailing course and all rules about lights, I had passed both practical and theological exams so now I could legally sail a boat. I had the right before but it was good to learn all about buoy, signals and rules and was able to use this knowledge. Because I found this fun and interesting I continued with yacht captain the following 3 winters and wanted to continue one season more, but my wife’s illness was getting worse. She required 24 nursing care so I gave up my further education of yachting. I managed to get my SRC certificate. That meant that I also had the right to use VHF radio onboard. The clubs chairman Jens Pristed, whom was the other person that took contact with me, took me out for more than one 24 hours sailing. That was a very learning experience for me and it was some wonderful but hard sailing trips for me.


        Den Nauticat 35 we rented                                                                                                           Sunset  Kolby Kaas Samsø                                    

With that knowlegde I rented a sailboat at 35 feet (S/Y HEIDE) in 2001 og it was 14 wonderfyully days, where all types of weather reach us, and that experience i got, told me that I was able to manage a boat as a "captain"

The sailing trip started in Marseilesborg habour, south of Aarhus, where we had rented the boat. We sailed to Ballen habour at the island Samsoe, anf thereafter to Odense. In odense we stayed 3 das, becauce there was a storm over the area. Next stop was aan old cosy fisherplace, Juelsminde, where we got family onboard. With the new people onboard, we sailed to samsoe again, but this time to Kolby Kaas habour and on the nigth, nearly to ther morning I was wake up and there was a little windy, aprox. 18 meter per second, so it one day more in habour. When the wind calm down, we went back to Juelsminde and the guests travel home and the same eveningmy son and family arrived. They stayed onbord until the boat was returned to the owner.

Med de nye gæster ombord satte vi kurs mod nogle steder hvor børnene kunne fiske, hvilket de var helt vilde med, men det var sommer og fiskene holdt også ferie, så der blev ikke fanget noget og efter nogle timer gik vi mod Tunø, men måtte opgive at komme ind, det var for sent på dagen og alle pladser var optaget, selv udenpå havnemolen lå bådene. Vi tog da til Øer havn, gennem en sluse og ind hvor børnebørnene kunne lege, og havde det hyggelig. Slusesejlads! Jo tak vi blev en erfaring rigere.

My son and family loved to catch fish, so we looked at the maps to find the best places to fish, and we sailed to this places. But is was summer and very warm weather, so the fish had holidays too. No fish was taken, so the dinner was from a cafeteria in the habour. We tryed to wisit some small romantic habours, but there was no place for a boat on 35 feet and with a keel at 2 meters, so we decided to wisit a bigger place, but to come there, we had på pass a sluice and the passing of this flodgasts was a new experience, but we learn all a lot that day.


                             Floodgate at Oer habourer                                                              Evening in Juelsminde habour

We used the remain of time to fish, but with no luck and suddenly the holliday was over and we had to go home. But I loved it and when I goes to retirement in 2005/2006 I must have a boat

Mine planer for fremtiden – at købe en sejlbåd når jeg bliver pensioneret ved udgangen af 2005 og så sejle og det helst langt. Kommer jeg Danmark rundt er det godt. Kommer jeg rundt i Skandinavien er det dejligt, kommer jeg til Middelhavet er det helt pragtfuldt, men skulle jeg komme længere, så er min store lykke gjort. Tiden, helbredet og økonomien vil vise det, men jeg er fuld af fortrøstning for et aktivt sejler otium. Hvorhen jeg så kommer vil kun tiden vise, drømme er levende.

I have plans for the future. At the retirement to buy a boat and sail away. I do hope it will be a long trip, I do hope it will be all over the world, to see the island in Polinesia, the Panama Channal and more to. But if I reach Denmark, Sweden and Norway, I will be happy too, but my dream ... and dreams are make of living things.