On this pages I will try to tell a little about myself and how I came here.

I am born December 11, 1945 in Copenhagen. My mother was born I Trondheim, Norway, and immigrated to Denmark shortly before World War 2. My father was from a small town Todbjerg, south of Randers Jutland, Denmark. I lived the first year at Vesterbro, Copenhagen in a very small flat, two rooms and a kitchen with only one stove to heat the whole flat. The place was very simple, with a toilet in the yard, in common with all the other people in the other flats.

There was no bathroom, so all wash ECT. Had to be done in the kitchen. Warm water? No way, that was an unknown luxury in that time.

    The family in 1948     Me, at the fosterhome in 1952

   Me, as 9 year old    Bjarne 2003

We were a lot of people in that apartment. My father had been married before and had five children, all girls, Inger, Joan, Connie, Guri and Elin. Also my mother had been married before and had three children, a girl and two boys, Kari, born in Norway, plus Georg and Jorgen born in Aarhus, Denmark. My mothers three children was not here, they was either adopted away, or been taken care of by nice people. All these children are my half sisters and half brothers.

At first my mother was employed as a housemaid but it happened, like all other of this sort at that time, a child was expected and they got quickly married. Shortly after arrived my sister (real sister) Kirsten Gerda but my father was not interested into more children, so she was adopted away. After another year I was arrive, and I was not adopted away, I was my fathers first boy child and he was very proud. My father had an old fashionable attitude that said only boys was god, girls was nothing. Shortly after my birth, they got a small house in the outer circle of Copenhagen and here was pure luxury we do not know. The place had at first floor a kitchen and a living room, at second floor three rooms and a bathroom. There was also a complete basement. In front and back the house, there was a small garden. From here, my very earliest memory off my childhood consists. There was born some more children, but they were adopted away, and one off them had found me in 2003, it was Niels Peter, now living in Canada.

My father and mother had some problems, and after few years they moved from each other. My father, the five girls and I moved back to Copenhagen, to a big apartment with five rooms, bath and kitchen. I do not remember how long I was living there, but I clearly remember that one day there arrived a man and two women. It was in 1950. They took me away to a foster home south of Copenhagen nearby the coast. I do not like to be there. It was a bad time, very strictly personal at the home, but after a couple of month I was taken to another foster home north off Copenhagen, in Klampenborg, a place named Trepilelaagen. This place is now closed, the buildings are also away, but I had been there and looked for memories and I found some ruins left back. I was there for a log time and I remember this as the best time in my whole childhood. There was love, warm personal, security and friends among them other children. By some reason I become a special child to the leader and had some privileges.

At this home I started going to school and I like to go at school very much. I have some memories from the foster home of my mother, his new husband and my father there really fighter together outside the fence to the foster home. Time was going, and some day I was moved home to my mother and my new "father" and we lived in Valby, a part off Copenhagen. That time was poor. My new "father", Einar, do not like children and the rest off my childhood was marked off that. We moved around, the next place was a cabin or a summer house in a part off Copenhagen called Hvidovre, where Einar build the cabin from a summer place to a real house where we lived the whole year. Later we moved to a place 40 miles south off Copenhagen named Stevns, where Einar, together with another family had bought an old farmers house. Again later we moved back to Copenhagen, back to Vesterbro, that was December 1. 1956. We where poor, missed money and all had to work to help with living. – include my half brother Georg, who had came home to the family meanwhile we lived at Stevns, and that was not a god experience he was dominating and treat med very bad - Personally I started at three o’clock in the morning. I was a newspaper boy, delivered newspaper into peoples home, then at six o’clock I was helping in a milk house to bring milk and bread out to people. Then I go to school at eight o’clock, and after school, I was a helping boy with a grocery to deliverer food and different stuff to older people. Then home for eating dinner, making my schoolwork and so into bed. The money we earn in the different jobs, we never saw, they were going into the common domestic payment. When I was 14 years old I was going to sail with a tank ship and as 15 year I went back to shore and started again to work for the family.

I make a small revolt when I was nearly 16, where I moved back to my real father. There I lived some month, and when I went back I had a much better time. After that, the time where I have to try my first cigarette, my first beer and all that young boys had to do, before they become adult. When I was 18 year, I moved from home and lived together with a girl and then I was smoking 30 cigarettes per day and drink a lot off beer, and I was the master off the world.

  Hanne, my wife, as she look a few year before marriage  Hanne shortly before Alzheimers decease took over

Later it happened. I found the girl there was the only one. Hanne was a charming, sweet and nice girl I meet during a hike together with other young people, and from that time I did not look after other girls. In the beginning, Hanne do not took any notice off me, but I continue my attack and we got married January 22. 1965. We were married in her hometown Randers, Jutland. Later I was called/listed as a soldier in the Danish Air Force and I become me very well into that force, so I stay, and is till employed as a Chief Master Sergeant . The bad things were that my wife Hanne got Alzheimer’s decease in 1990 and the solution was only one way, the December 4. 2003 she past away.

2004- I am happy to had found a new brother in Canada and my furture seems to be fine


I am retired the 1th. January 2006, at last, after nearly 41 years in RDAF and is now a millionaere!. , I have to use the money to paying my bills, but........I guess, there will be a small amount left to living for  hi hi.... There are big plans, for the year 2006, concerning genealogy, Ham radio, sailing, and traveling. It is wonderfull to have time and lots of money to spend for what I want......But this period was goint to be a dark time into my life and the reason was a women, I became to know, and she want to live in our own house, - expencive buy - But I stiil have another house there was difficult to sell, so I lost lot of money in this period, to pay for two houses, and had to sell my former house to a price far below  under markedprice.


  Bjarne 2008

My otherm halfsisters