One of my biggest hobbies is HAM radio


 Radio equipment 1995     Here Iím on air


At an early age I became interested in radio electronics. Iím still interested in it and have a license in category A, so I can use 1000 watt (1 kilowatt) on my sender when i communicate with other radio amateurs. Today I prefer telegraph communication (CW), even though it is not any longer an official communication means. It is good way to get threw when there is static and poor signals. I have reached on 100 watts and a simple dipole antenna, a GP reached 280 confirmed countries over a period of three years. I have tried using phone ( microphone), RTTY (teleprinter), SSTV (slow scan tv), Aurora connections, packet and other forms, but I went back to CW every time a new thing is explored.

My first radio receiver, was a crystal apparatus, bought as a do-it-yourself kit from an old radio store on Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen when I was 12 years old. It never really worked, because at that time I didnít know that it needed a battery to make it work. My first real interest in sending was in 1967 where during a trip fra Karup in Jylland towards Randers and having a friend with me. All of a sudden he asked me to stop the car, when we were approx. 15 kilometers from Randers, on a hilltop, and then he pulled a Walkie Talkie (27 MHz private radio), pulled a large antenna out and started to communicate with Randers. I was impressed and a few months later I had a private radio and became member of Randers private radio club with a call number Freja 26. It became larger with bigger antennaís and much more. One day I found out that it wasnít easy to develop on that  frequency wave, because of the restrictions there were, so I enrolled in a course to take my license to become a licensed radio amateur. It was a hard job learning Morse code (CW), but I managed it and passed the test, so in May of 1973 I received my license as OZ9NT. 

The first time that I was on air as an amateur in May 1793, I received a hard lecture from an other amateur on how one should behave, but later I received an apology from the same person because he misunderstood me. All beginnings are hard, but it became a great part of my everyday with both active and non active periods.    

I became quickly active in club work and became president for the local radio club. While I was there, the member count raised from 15 to 75, just about the same for radio amateurs. It was the resolute of hard work from the members of the board. We worked together with other clubs in the area holding lectures. At the same time we were lucky to ride on the same wave with popularity of being a radio amateur together with a new form of license that made it easier to receive a amateur radio licenses. After a few year I was encouraged to run for EDRís  council. I was voted in with a large voting count. It was not because of my abilities, but it was because people knew me for being there where happenings occurred.  Shortly after the president of EDR pulled back due to illness, so it was the head council of North Jylland in EDRís board members that over took the presidentís place, so therefore I was voted into the EDRís board members. I held that place twice for a total of just about 25 years. Because of my wifeís illness and taking care of her I had to step down. I had the great honour to receive the EDRís blue honours pin for my work in the club when I stepped down from the head board of council.

 I collect cards, the so called QSL cards which confirms a QSO (connection) and much happiness every time there comes a card even though sometimes it is a long time between connections, because it is not so good to send from the place that I am now living in. I have tried a lot of different radio equipment. In the beginning I built them myself, but as time goes I because older and my sight poorer, I had to stop with building them myself. It was not easy to follow the modern technique with integrated areas  and all the new things were small that could do 1000 more things than the older things could. Because of that I bought stations after 1985, but I experiment a bit with antennas. Today it is only commercial radio gear I have which works unexceptionable, which my home build never did. It gives so much more time with communications now that I donít build it my self and have to find flaws.

A lot of friendships started across the country borders via my radio. I have found friends in a great deal of countries and some of them I have been lucky to visit them in their homes. There has been a lot of foreigners in my home. It has always been exciting to see Ė set a face to the voice Ė of the people whom I have spoken to.

Below are some examples of the cards that I received as an radio amateur that confirm that the connections was official. Click on the picture to enlarge it and return button to leave the large picture. Ther is a lot of other cards, but this only a few to show