From this page, you have two choices. Yu can go to  the ancestry   chart, ot you cam move to the page where I have written som   informations I have collected about the people in the file. Here is now, as a test, a link to my family data in the program "Second Site2"  containing more grapich pedegree chart. Press Here  

The file consist for the time of 23.848 persons from 6923  different famlies, and more than 15.000 are from the area north of Trondheim Norway, the reamin from Jutland Denmark and Sweden and Germany. There will be much more than 35.000 induvidials  when I am finish, if I will be that anytime. I daubt!

If you are in my family, direct line or in one of the many sides, yoy can ask for the whole file with all the persons inti the file. (about 3 Mb in a GEDCOM file)

My sources are:

Germany: Statsarkiv am rathaus, Merzig, Saarland

Denmark; Churchbooks, census reports, Last will archive, soldiers papers, police registration and the Internet

Norway: Churchbooks, census reports, emmigrations protocols, peoples archive at Bergen Univercity, and farmbooks for Stjoerdal, Laanke, Hegra, Skatval, Aasen, Frosta, Skogn, Markbygd, Ekne, Frol and Verdal, Rindal, and the Internet

Sweden:  Informations recieved from Bjorn Gagner, who had done a tremendes job for the ancestors from Sweden

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Special Thanks to Marcia Johnson from Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA, for recieved corrections of an emmigrant, and a lot of new persons from "over there". You can mail to Marcia if you have questions og further informations.   Mail to Marcia, Click here

Special Thanks to Trine Lise Jensen from Skrolsvik, Troms, Norway for informations about ancestors, moved up there

Special Thanks to Jon R in from North Trøndelag for informations about ancestors, coming from Selbu, North Trøndelag area.

Special Thanks to Odd Annar Tangen from Trøndelag for additional informations of ancestors

Thanks to Ivar Tyrhaug, Stjørdal for corrections of geographial matter

Thanks to Arvid Lillebergen, Norway for additional informations