8th. Generation

This the 8th. generation, my great, great, great great, great, great grandparents and there are 128 of them. Until now I have only found 31 of them, but now we are so far back so it is hard to find written material that has been stored. The best information to get is from church records, but court registers or documents and tax records can be useful. In this period and before this is were a women’s status was nothing in the legal systems eyes.  A lot of the time it is written in the books that it was Peder’s wife that the occurrence was about, f.eks. in the church records it was written that “the millers wife went to the alter after giving birth”, but who was she and what was her name?

I have Anders Gryders but not his wife. He is the oldest in this part of the family history. In the church records it is written that he died at the age of 100 and 3 days old. Amazing high age for that period, where the average age was lower for the working people because of being worn out from working. He was born in 1672 in Skørring sogn and was buried on the 26th. of January 1772 in Skørring.

Jens Rasmussen Palles was born around 1708/1710 in Voldum. Palles is not a common name, maybe it’s from the “finer people”. It is most likely him that is named as the father in the previous generation. I 1749 he married Maren Axelsdatter from the same area and she is from 1719/1712. The year is calulated out from the given age under their daughters birth.

Jens Sørensen and Kirsten Jensdatter. I have very little information on them, the few things that I do have, I’ve seen in the church records under their sons birth. Jens might be from around 1700 and Kirsten is born in 1722. Both are from Had Herred and after that it is recorded in Nølev after their sons birth. They must be from there, but no more information is found as of yet.

Rasmus Christensen was born in 1701 and is also from the area of Nølev. Everyone there whom was godparents and child holders are from Nølev near Odder. He married Ane Rasmusdatter in june of 1734. She was also from Nølev. I have not found any information in the church records on her, but it is calculated that was born around 1705.

We now leave the danish side and return to the Nowerigen side to the area around Trondheim, plus contry Sweden where we find

Peder Gundersen. He was born in 1752 in Skogn. He might of moved later to Krogstad farm, which he either bought or rented a smaller farm from the main farm. Proberly he have conection to Riis farm. The wife Guru Johannesdatter Eggesverk is born 1754 in Skogn parish too. But there is some confusion witch farm she came from, maybe Egge, or Krogstad, but later they moved to Krogstad, maybe after his parents ogr other, but I wil invistegate further.

Jon Fogelberg was born oprox. 1697 in Norra Fågelås, Skaraborg len, Sweden. He died 1758 and he was married with Elisabeth Andersdotter in 1724. That is all I know about this couple for now.

Lars Månson is born oprox. 1690 in Sweden, but the exact place is not nown yet. In 1719 he was married to Karin Svensdotter and we know that she died in 1743

Eric Kempe was ringer in Ausås and Støvelsstrup church. He is born February 6th in Ausås, Skåne len, Sweden. He died causes of "watersot"  March 16th in 1760. Eric was married first time with Elisabet Wetter, a ringerdaugther from Norra Wram in Skåne. She was born June 16th in Angelholm, Skåne and died August 31th 1741. In this marriage there was eigth children. Eric was married second time August 22th 1742  to Birgitta Marie Gadd, whom was born November 13th 1715 in Norra Åkapp, Skåne. After Eric Kempe was dead, the widdow was married to Nils Gullerius, who took over the job as a ringer. Birgitta died June 21th 1777 in Ausås and there was in the marriage with Eric Kempe nine children

Erich Ryggen was born before 1759 in Skogn from one of the Rygh farms. He married Marit Arensdatter before 1784. She was born in 1755, more information on her I haven’t found yet.

Ole Johansen Fostad was born in 1745 in Skogn. He had Fostad farm and married Anna Tronsdatter Myhr on the 5th. of December 1771. Anna was born in 1748. Some of the pages in the church books for that period are missing, so the correct information is not available. The are both children of farmers so therefore they had a better living standard. Ole is not registered under Forstad farm, so maybe he bought the farm later in his life

Ole Olsen Ree Skjerve was born in 1740 in Skogn. He most likely comes from Ree farm, since he is called by both farm names Ree and Skjerve. He received the name Skjerve by marrying his wife in 1772. She was from Skjerve farm and most of been the first child to inherit the farm so therefore Ole received the name through marriage. His wife’s name was Inger Pedersdatter Skjerve and was born in 1739. Their last known address was Skjerve farm, so they must of died there.

Lars Trondsen Skjesol was born in 1721 in Østre Skjesol in Åsen. He was copyholder of Vestre Skjesol in 1757. He died young at the age of 48 in 1769. He married Kirsti Pedersdatter whom was born in 1726, also from Åsen, but I don’t know which farm. She stayed on the farm after her husband’s death. She married again to Ole Sivertsen from Soknedal, south of Trondheim. She died in 1801.

Erik Evesen Hage
came from Soknedal, Hov sogn, approx. 70 kilometers south of Trondheim. His wife was also from that area. Her name was Marit Olsdatter Staverløkken and was born in 1735. After their marriage in 1757, they moved to Åsen. Erik bought Lo farm in November 1763 from Henrik Hornemann for 1000 rix-dollars, so he couldn’t of been very poor. He was the first single owner of Lo. He worked the farm until 1783. He then sold it to Halvor Rasmussen Skårvold, whom came to Åsen from Soknedal at the same time as Erik. Erik died 2 years later and his with moved to their daughtes Olava Eriksdatter Lo in Kleiven after his death.

Mads Willumsen Forbordsvollen was born in 1754 in Skatval. Forbordsvollen was a smaller farm under Forbord farm. It was right under a very steep mountain side that was 600 meters high and called Forbordsfjellet. From this mountian there is a beautifull view out over Skogn, Åsen, Skatval, Stjørdal and Laanke sogns. The name Forbord is named the first time when Icelander in 1096 came to the area avenged his father. Mads married Mali Sørensdatter Mæla. She was born in 1751 in Stjørdal. It is his wife Mali who is my direct generation line. There were new builders on the main farm Hollmarka in the sogn and the made enough just to get by.

Ole Toresen Skjerve. I have not very much information on him. He was born around 1725 in Skogn and maybe under the farm Skjerve. He married around 1745 with Inger Pedersdatter from the same area and she was born around 1725. I know  nothing more about them.

Johan Larsen Svendgaardsenget was born in 1715 in Skogn and had the farm which he was named after. His wife was Gertrud Olsdatter and she was born in 1712. It is believed that they married around 1734 in Skogn.

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