7th. Generation


So now we come to 5 times greatgrandparents. 7 generations back. It is great great great great great grandparents and there are 64 is all, but I have only found 34 of them.

 Now it is hard to find records on them whom lived that time because alot of church records are lost. In 1645 in Denmark and Norway it was the law that the churches must keep records. It only worked on Sjælland because there was war with Sweden at that time. In Jylland, Fyn and Norway started it first to work after 1645. There was not rule on how to keep records and storing the books, so many of them aged and were mouldy.  Some of them were lost in fires, which were common in those days because the buildings and houses had straw roofs and the making of food was over open fire.

First great great great grandparents on my father’s side.

Anders Jensen Gryders was born in Skørring in 1710. He was a copyholder. That means that he copyheld a farm for a year with certain amount of work days on the fields for the owner of a mansion or farm. He was later found in Andie under Løvenholm farm where he copyheld the farm. I haven’t found out about his wife, even with a great amount of searching in the church books. Under Løvenholm there are to copyhold letters which discribe the conditions of the copyhold between the owner and Anders Jensen Gryders. I have a copy of those letters, written in "gotisch scripts" and with “translate” them when I have more time.

Niels Jørgensen was born in Karlby in 1711. The only information that I have at this time is his death record. It is written that he was 76 years old and died in 1802. There is no information about his wife.

Anders Jensen born in 1715 in Ølst. When he married my 5 times great grandmother he was a widower and the population count in 1781 states that it was his thrid marriage, so therefore I can conclude at there were 2 wives before my 5x great. Kirsten Rasmusdatter was born from around 1735/1737, also in Ølst. In that period there were 3 named Kirsten Rasmusdatter in the church books, so until I find more information about her, I have to write the birth dates this way.

Niels Knudsen was from Voldum near Galten, Randers zone. He was born in 1742 ( the church records don’t go so far back so the date was calculated out from his date of death). He was a farmer on a small farm. He married in 1774 to Boel in 1770. She died in 1774, only 33½ years old, so it was a short marriage. Boel Jensdatter was born in March 1748. At her baptismal there were some of the family, f.eks. an aunt who was Godmother and they all lived in Voldum.

Søren Hansen was born before 1745. He is found first time in the church records under his birth. As an adult he was a tailor and if this was a lucrative employment is not known because most people sewed themselves. It must of been the higher up people from manors and large farms whom were his customers. He married Anna Laursdatter, whom was born around 1745. She was also found first time in the church records under her birth.

Jørgen Jensen born in Todbjerg sogn around 1734 (a calculated date). He married Anna Rasmusdatter, whom was born around 1741, also from Todbjerg sogn. All so here the church records don’t go so far back.

Jens Jensen born in 1736 in Nølev. Now we are in that area that stretches from south of Århus towards Odder. He was baptised on the 26th. of February 1936 and died in 1802, living in the same sogn. He married Mette Rasmusdatter from the same sogn. She was born in 1743. After their marriage the lived in Assendrup City, for I found them in the population count in 1787 as an other family. Here it is written that Jens is married for the first time and Mette is married for the second time and she has a daughter from her first marriage. She died when she was 46. Her first husband was Søren. A father at the child’s birth in a second marriage is Michaela Sørensdatter from Røst, maybe a relative. The fathers are from an geografisk area from Fjøjstrup, over Assendrup to Røst. From the population count it is written that they had 2 servants and the wife’s mother living with them, so therefore they must of been owners of a farm.

Now we are at the German part of the family on my mother’s side. Jacob Hansen was born in Merzig, Germany in 1780. Around 1801 he married Kristine Ernst Peterstochter (Petersdatter) whom was also born in 1780. The dates have been calculated for I didn’t have more time at city hall in Merzig, so this line will have to wait.

Johan Christoph Lister was born around 1770 in Merzig Germany and married around 1791 to Maria Sophie Franzin from the same place. Here is also calculated dates for as the others in this area, I didn’t have enough time in Merzig.

Lucas Gadd  born October 7. 1744 in Ausaas, Skåne Len, Sverige. He was "klokker" (ringing church bells) from 1796 in Annerstad. From 1781 he wat helping his father in law in the Inn Annerstad.  From1784 to 1796 he wae "vice klokker" og organist . From 1784 to 1796 he was inspector in i Skeen Liagaarden,  he died March 19. 1813 in Nybo, Skeen Brogården, Gæstgivergården Annerstad. Cause of dead: Fever in the lungs. He was married in 1777 with Anna-Stina Melin, born march 8 1745 and she died march 13 1819 in Annerstad.

We are still on my mother’s side of the family, but we are now in Norway where Arnt Olsen Mollerdalen (Møllerdalen) was born in 1780 in Skogn. He died in Trondheim, which is where is moved to before his marriage. He might be a craftsman because Nidaros Cathedral (north Europe largest) needed many craftsmen to maintain it. In Trondheim he married Beret Jensdatter Ranum, born in 1781 in Strinda Sør Trøndelag. They are both found in the population count and are the Morman’s arkiv as married.

Peder Nielsen from Ørlandet was born before 1795. I’m missing further information from that area, i twill come some day. They are found in February 2004, so I’m working on it. He married Karen Fredriksdatter whom was also born before 1795 in Ørlandet.

Johannes Pedersen born in Skogn, maybe Alstadhaug in 1780. He married Elisabeth Eriksdatter Haaden, whom was a farmers daughter from Haaden farm. She was born in 1784, also from Skogn and got married on the 23rs. of June 1807. It is told that a Norwegian  wedding in the country never lasted under 3 days. They celebrated and drank alot.

Johan Olsen Hojemsaunet as he was called, maybe hi real name was Johannes, because he writes thi son more than one time. He was born in 1733 on Skille Farm in Skogn, he bought or maybe leased Hojemsaunet as a adult. He married Karen Olsdatter Skjerve on the 11th. of September (today’s disaster date) 1800 in Skogn. They must of been two well off people because they were both born on a farm and stay there as farmers. Although through studying, alot, really alot of farmers were harassed of debts to the crown and church whom couldn’t get enough money for their purpose. The crown because they were constantly in war and the church for their ministers and bishops life of luxury. There was also many border cruisers with solders whom stole the farmers stock.

Peder Larsen Skjesol from Åsen was born in 1767 on a Vestre Skjesol farm. To show a little about the operations of the farms through time, I will tell abit of their history : In 1864 a farm which was over 56 mål field (1 mål = 1000 m2) of this there was 51 mål was cultivated. Harvest machines came in 1890, the last horse used in the fields was in 1956. The first tractor was a Ferguson 1951 bought in 1956. Water was installed in 1906, electricity in 1954, telephone in 1905 because it was exchange for the whole area. Peder Larsen Skjesol died in 1830, 63 years old. He married a farmer’s daughter named Olava Eriksdatter Lo born in 1770. Her father owned Lo farm in Åsen. They married in 1792 and she died in 1859, 89 years old. Both of them owned a manor under Kleiven before the took over Skjesol. Olava’s mother lived with them when she became a widow until she died.

Karl Karlsson (Gunnarson) Steinvik. His name is uncertain because he under the farm named Heggja his name was Karlsson and under the farm Holmarks his name was Gunnarson. He was from Skatval and was born in 1775 on Steinvik farm and died in 1813 on Heggesgrinda farm. Steinvik was a farm under the well known middle age castle Steinvikholm. Today there is guided tours in the castle. You can go out to it during low tide. It lies on a little island in Trondheimsfjord. Karl was not found under the farm’s history, but Steinvik was a solder camp, for many solders, therefore it could be that he was a permanent solder from there. Karl married Marit Madsdatter Holmarks born in 1779 also from Skatval. They lived all their life there. After Karl’s death Marit married Gunnar Olsen Heggia. Marits father, Mads willumson built Holmarka while he was a new builder. The farm didn’t harvest alot but it was enough for them to live on as long as there wasn’t a bad harvest.

Tore Olsen Dallingvald born in 1748 in a small farm which belonged to the main farm Dalling in Skogn. The house had one room with a kitchen that was shared with someone else and maybe it had a second floor. One thing for sure was that they only had the bare necessities to live and on. He married Kirsten Jonsdatter in 1780. She was born in 1750 also from Skogn. I have no information on her yet, but I’m still researching for information on her.

Olaus Benjamin Johansen Svendgaardsenget born in 1746 in Skogn. Svendgaardsenget was also a small farm under the main farm Svendgaard. Around, maybe before 1794 but not later, he married Anne Knudsdatter Skirve, born in 1761. She was the daughter from one of the small farms under Skirve farm in Skogn. The church records from Skogn are missing some pages which covers these years, so I’ll have to look for another source.

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