6th Generation, my Great great great grandparents

Now it is my 2 times great great grandparents and there are 32 of them, but I have only found 26 of them. We are around the 1700’s and there isn’t much written information from that time. Church books from before 1812 were only found in single copy and they were kept by priest. There were some priests that were not very good at keeping the books up to date. After 1812 there were 2 copies, one with the priest and the other with the parish clerk. These books were compared to each other every 4 to 6 months, depending on when the areas bishop. Contemplating the reason for faultiness were to reasons. The first was that the books burnt, if there was a fire in the priest’s home and the other was, at the priest was a self written guest at the festivities after a church event (the priest was the sogn’s  firstman) and these festivities after a baptismal, wedding and so on, could become very wet and when the priest became sober again and were to write the event in the church books, he could remember wrong and therefore write the wrong name, or spell it wrong. Sometimes it was written “threw ashes on the blacksmith’s wife” which meant that the blacksmith’s wife was buried. The priest maybe couldn’t remember her name and it was unspoken of that a higher standard person never asked an ordinary farmer or good people,  therefore admitting their mistakes.

On my father’s side there is:

Anders Olsen Gryders was born in 1752 some where in Randers Community, but in Djursland. Where Gryders comes from I don’t know, but it was this he was called, also in the church books. As an adult he lived in Karlby in Krogsbæk sogn. He was near 40 when he married, for at that time it was common at one showed that one was able to support a wife before getting married. He died in 1810 and it was from the date of his death that I found his birth date, because the church books weren’t found before 1768. It was one of the that burnt in a fire. He was married in 1790 to Anne Marie Hermandsdatter. She was born before 1765. I have not found anything more about her. The only place that I have seen her in the church books was under her son’s birth, where her name is the only name written, no age or birth place. She must of died after 1814, for I have not found her name written under deceased in the church books.

Jørgen Nielsen Molboe was born around 1754/1756. The church books are missing. He is from Skørring sogn Kalø Herred. His father is from Mols, so maybe that is why he had the name Molboe. The first time the I fell across the family in the church books was with a wedding in 1784. The next time is with children’s birth and population counting in 1787.  In the population count it stood husband 33 years old and food mother was 29. The children’s name were recorded in population counting in 1801. Mette Sørensdatter is from the same parish born around 1754. The birth date is figured out by the age of her death which was 50 years old.

Laurs Jochumsen was born before 1745. Again the church books are missing from this area and her age is calculated out from her age at her death. We are now at the time in Denmark where loss of freedom counted, so men didn’t move from that sogn, unless the sogn that they moved to was willing to find a person to move to his sogn. It happened sometimes after a marriage, but most of the time it was the wife that moved to the husbands sogn, so therefore the man could stay in his sogn. Sidsel Nielsdatter was also born before 1745. I which sogn I’m not sure of yet, but it was most likely in Ølst sogn, when it was common at the marriage often happened in the girls home sogn or there were the parents lived. All other records of this family were from Skørring. Jørgen in 1897 from Skørring. Sidsel died in 1815 in Askildstrup, so she moved to one of her children’s place after her husbond’s death, wherefore there wasn’t anything known as social service or old age security.

Anders Pedersen was born on the 20th. of August 1767 in Ølst. I don’t know where he comes from, before I examine the probate court books. His supported himself as a trucker and with a small farm. At that time it wasn’t anything special being a trucker. Cars were none of and the wagons were pulled by horses or oksen. It took more time but they came forward. It was hard work, the goods had to be loaded onto the wagons and that was done by hand. He married Anne Elisabeth Andersdatter from the same area. She was born in January or February in 1770. Her birth date is not known, because they just wrote baptismal dates in the books. She was baptised the 11th. of February 1770. When her husband died in 1792 she moved in with and was supported by her son Peder Andersen in Ølst. She died in 1837.

Jesper Sørensen was born around 1768 in Mygind parish. His age is calculated out of the date that he died in, whereas the church books are also missing. He was a farmer, but I don’t know the size of the farm. First time that I saw his name is in the church books where his death is recorded in 1830 and it was here where he was found in the population count in 1801, where he had a wife and 4 children. In the population count of 1801 it was written that he was 32 years old and his wife was 28. His wife’s name was Mette Nielsdatter and she came from Voldum sogn. She was born in 1773, there is poor record of birth and baptismal. With her baptismal were the Godparents from Clausholm Castle and the name that shines through is Jens Palles, it doesn’t sound like a farmer’s name.

Peder Knudsen was born around 1774. The church books are missing and that would be the case for many sogns in those years. He was a worker in Linaae, maybe as a clay digger, or on one of the big farms. He was probably from Todbjerg whereas his wife Maren Christensdatter came from. She was born around 1780. The only place where I have found her recorded is in the church books records of her daughter’s wedding.

Christian Sørensen was a farmer with acreage. This means that he was abit better off. He was born in 1768 in Todbjerg, where he lived all of his life. He was married with Ane Marie Jørgensdatter on September 19th. 1797. Ane Marie was born in 1774 also in Todbjerg. I don’t know when Christian died but Ane Marie died in 1832.

Ole Pedersen and Mette Maria Jensdatter. These two have tissed me. There were hard to find. They were written in the church books under their child’s wedding. I had to search hard long time before I found them. He is from Hårup in the samme sogn. The church books are not properly written in this period and she is from Nølev. There are alot of places that are called Nølev, but after a long time researching I found her under Nølev sogn, Odder, south of Århus. In Nølev are most of the church books burnt. Anyway, Ole Pedersen was born in 1770 and lived until 1844. Mette Marie Jensdatter was born in 1788 in Nølev Hads Herred, but moved to Todbjerg sogn at a young age. She died in 1821.

We now leave my father’s side and go to my great great grandparents on my mother’s side.

Johan Frederich Ravn, born the 1st. of November 1802 in Merzig, Saarland Germany. He was a craftsmand within wood work and was married with Wilhelmine Sophie Lister, born the 13th. of October 1792 in Trabach, Saarland Germany, a nabouring  sogn to Merzig. I do not have much information about them because I have just found them and is still researching that family line.

Andreas Fogelberg, born . april 5. 1770 in Värnamo, Annerstad, Kronoberg len  Sweden. he died Februar 25. 1844 in Skeen Papperbruk as owner and user og this factory. It was placed in Annerstad. Ingrid Johanna Gadd his wife is born1April 11. 1781 in Skeen Liagaarden, Annerstad, Kronoberg len, Sweden. She have lived different places and among theese places is Nybo, Præstegården, from where she moved away aprox. 1797, She become wife in  Pappersbruket and between 1810 og 1812 again in Nybo Brogården., between 1813 og 1817 back in Pappersbruket . She died  April  16.1839 i Pappersbruket Annerstad. The reason was nervfever. They got seven children

Christian Arntsen Dahl & Karen Pedersdatter were from Norway. He was born in Trondheim in 1810 and it was in Trondheim he met Karen. She got pregnant before getting married. In the church books it was written that the first child was born out of wedlock. The law in Norway, at that time, stated that if a woman has a third child out of wedlock she will be punished, the man goes free. Christian moved to Ørlandet, thats where Karen came from, and got married. He moved to Skogn after his wife’s death. He lived on a farm called Vestre Halland where he was a blacksmith. He married for the second time with Beret Iversen Holm, whom I still haven’t found anything about her. He died when he was 75. Karen Pedersdatter was born in Ørlandet the 8th. of Feburary 1818. She was not included in the population count in 1885, so she must of died at a young age, maybe during giving birth, which was common at that time.

Elling Johannesen was bor non the 7th. of July 1811 on a smallholding on Eide farm in Skogn. He married Inger Johannesdatter Høyeniet in 1835. I haven’t found her yet. There is just recently released a book about the farms in that area, so I might be able to soon find her there. She was born on 22nd. of November 1805. By reading the population count for 1865 I acquired knowledge on how they lived at that time. Population count states that there was a man, wife, daughter, lodger (later to become son-in-law) and a foster child. Their animals consisted of 0 horses, 1 large cow, 4 sheep, 4 goats, 1 pig and no reindeer. They harvest 0 oats, 0 rye, ½ a barrel barley and 0 mix grain. It wasn’t worth alot but enough so they could live on milk, wool, butter, cheese and so forth.

Ole Pedersen Vududalen was bor non the 31st. of July 1813 in Åsen on Vududalen farm. This farm lies in the southern part of Åsen community, just before where Fættenfjord ends. It is a beautiful area with valleys and mountains. Vudu consists of many smallholdings, where they all were rented from the main farm Vudu. This place makes the main road down to the valley south of Vudu and west of Dalheim. The old main road went right into the wall of the house. The area was mainly green pastures after 1910. It was registered as inhabited from 1803 to 1910. He married Mette Karlsdatter Heggesgrinda in 1837. She was born in 1812 in Skatval sogn, which lies up to Åsen. The farm which she was born is now called Sørli, which was originally  called Heggesgrinda. Her father was from Steinvik farm which lies nabour to Heggis. They moved to Hollinghaugen, which they buy around 1847. His wife was buried in Frosta sogn which is 10 kilometres north of Vudu.

Ole Toresen Dallingplass was born in Skogn  on the 3rd. Of December 1788. He lived in the western part of the sogn, which was near Ekne. His wife was Karen Benjaminsdatter Bolstad. She was born on the 21st. of February 1794 also in Skogn. At this time I have no further information on them.

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