Fifth generation - My Great Great Grandparents!

There are 16 people in all. We are so far back, so it is hard to find any information on  these people.

The first that I’ll write about is on my father’s side. Jens Andersen Gryders. The name Gryders is a bit uncertain, but that was the father’s name, so won’t the son have this special name. Jens Andersen was born in Krogsbæk sogn the 26th. of September 1797. I don’t know much about him, but he wasn’t married to my great grandmother when he accepted fathership, but not more than that. He died the 28th. of January 1875, still in Krogsbæk. People didn’t move around much in those days, at move was to those with money. Great grandmother’s name was Inger Marie Andersdatter and she was born in 1794 in Skørring sogn. After her child was born she moved to Estrup, which must of been Gammel Estrup manor, a place where there was use for servants and at that time there was a lot of replacements. Her occupation was a “working girl”.

Peder Laursen is the next. He was born in 1787 in Ølst, Galten sogn.  Out from the persons whom were Godparents, there is a great deal relatives with connections to Randers. As an adult (22 years old) he lived in a house on Tustrup Mark. His apprenticeship was weaver and most likely made a living as a weaver together with other jobs, maybe a bit of farming around his house. He married Kirsten Andersdatter. She was born on the 9th. of July 1795 in Ølst. In the church books it is written that she was from a poor family. She lived in Robdrup when she was married and most likely worked there.

Søren Jespersen is also an great grandfather. He was bon on the 12th. of January 1799 in Mygind, Sønderhald and I don’t know much more about him. He must of been smallholder or caretaker on a farm. It is known that at on time is lived in Hørning near Randers, not Hørning south of Århus. He had a child with Frederikke Sabine Pedersdatter whom was born on the 7th. of September 1810 in Todbjerg. When she was confirmned in Meilbye Church, she must of lived in the western part of the sogn, towards Hårup, or was a maid at a place in Meilbye sogn when she was to be confirmned. In 1838 she moved to Hørning, maybe to marry the child’s father, but this is just my guess.

Jørgen Kristiansen was born the 11th. of Juli 1809 in Todbjerg. He past away at the age of 75 as a widower and living on charity from the community. It didn’t mean that he was poor, but at that time, senior citizens home were under the care of the community and also when you were sick and needed care.  When he worked it was as a hand for Peder Sørensen in Todbjerg. Jørgen was married to Karen Olesdatter from Linaae. She was born on the 4th. of March in 1813 in Nølev, Hads Århus near Odder. She was a maid in Hårup before she married.

Now it is about the great great grandparnets on my mother’s side. I don’t have much knowledge about all of them, because I have first found out about them in 2003. More will come later.

Frederik Christian Johansen in 1797 from Copenhagen. I don’t know much more about him, but I do know that he married and lived on 127 Borgergade, the front house on the 3rd. Floor apartment 318. He married Maria Magdalene Planner whom was born in 1794 also in Copenhagen. The name Planner would insinuate that part of the family came from an other country or a partial of the generation, because I haven’t found out much about them it must come later.

Johan Peter Ravn was a German immigrant. He was born in Merzig, Saarland Germany on the 16th. of March in 1829. His trade was saddle maker and was pretty good at carving figures in the leather. Johan moved to Denmark, after being told by many craftsmen about Denmark and the chances there was and also there was starvation in Merzig. The main trade in Merzig was ship builders and woodsmen. The need for them was not as much in demand because the country had been at war and nobody could afford having new ships built. Therefore there was many craftsmen whom travelled to Denmark for at better their living standards. It was in 1800 – 1850 and it is the same that is happening today but they are also coming from other countries. He lived in Copenhagen on Kongens Nytorv nr. 2 in the side house. He married Mari Christine Fogelberg from who immigrated here from Sweden. She was born in 1823 in Annerstorp, Kronoberg Len, Sweden and first came to the town of Helsingør in Frederiksborg Community. Her trade was a glove maker.  She came to Copenhagen november 11. 1843. That part of the family is still under research, but with a great help from a cousin i Gøteborg, I am reach far away back.   

Now comes the Norwegian part. The two gentlemen in the picture is Peder Olaus Olsen Vududalen and Bernt Christian Dahl, but who is whom in not known. The picture was taken in the later part of the 1800’s before Bernt died.

Bernt Christian Dahl & Andrea Ellingsdatter. They are the first Norwegian great great grandparnets. Bernt Christian Dahl was born in Trondheim on the 2nd. of July 1838. He died in Skogn on the 24th. of November 1884. It was not a long life that he had had. It is known that he moved together with his parents to Ørlandet, but as an adult he went to Skogn, where he married and settled down. He was a farmer, but I don’t know which farm – yet. Andrea Ellingsdatter was born on the 22. of August 1842. When her husband died she moved to Muskegon, Michigan USA. She lived with a son whom had immigrated earlier to USA. I found her in a registration of people living in 1920 – where she was 74 years old, so she was old.

Peder Olaus Olsen Vududalen was born on the 22nd. of November 1837 in Åsen sogn. He was a farmers son from Vududalen where he was born and after his parents died he worked the farm until he bought Hollinghaugen. He bought Hollinghaugen as a manor, not a large place, but he was comfortably off. The place was situated in the northern part of Østre Holling and the house stood just below the big hill Skjelstad Hill. Today there is a transformer there which supplies the whole area. The place was called Hollingaunet in the 1700’s. In 1865 the animals consisted of 1 cow, 6 sheep and they grew oats on 1 acre of land on there was 4 acres of potatoes. In 1875 the animals consisted of 1 cow, 5 sheep and to sow on ¾ acre of land oats, 3 acres of potatoes and 0.06 acre of land for other things. Olave Olsdatter Dallingplass was born on the 19th. of May 1834 in Skogn Community, but was baptised in Ekne Church sogn. The place they lived in was closer to Ekne than Skogn, so that was the reason. She comes from a family on Svendgaard, even though the family name was Dallingplass, so they had most likely bought that place.


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