My Parents

Second generation

The times has gone from 1896 to 1974 where technology has really started. Just think about the following; first electricity, first of mange things and the development made on completely confused. Mobile telephones weighing 25 kilo, yes that was the first mobile telephone and it cost in 1970 30,000 kroner. Today it weighs 80 grams and costs only a few hundred kroner. Television came to the country in 1952 and costs at that time 3000 kroner for a 15 inch black and white. Today they are in colour and are 32 inches and costs 2500 kroner.

At that time the development of Denmark and Norway where different. In the smaller populated areas in mid Norway the development took longer to come, to where all the Danish people – just about all of them – had water and electricity installed. That started first in the mid 1950’s in Norway. The roads network were completely built in Denmark in 1940 but in Norway the roads were first built over the mountains after 1955.

There was the first world war in 1912 and the second world war in 1940. There were small wars here and there in the world, but they were not known about so much because communications did not go so fast at that time. There was world depression in 1933 where everyone that had money went bankrupt and the new world economy started, with companies that allowed the small people invest there savings.  Aristocracy stood to go bankrupt, master and mistress and servants just about became nonexistent and after the second world war there were not many of them left, the rich had to do the work themselves. The “ordinary people” started to but houses and cars.

My father.
  Father was comfirmned in 1912, soldier 1923 and chauffer for Ørslev convent around 1930

Picture of my father approx. 25 years old, 50 years old, 65 years old and 70 years old     Clik on the picture to inlarge it

My father’s name was Torvald Alfred Magnus Andersen and was born in Hårup, Todbjerg parish, Øster Lisbeth Herred, Randers community 27th. of March 1893. He died on the 31st. of March 1968, living at 5 Sommersted Street in Vesterbro Copenhagen. He was number 5 out of 11 brothers and sisters. His childhood was poor and they all had to go out to work at an early age on the surrounding farms. He had a varied life and worked hard for many years. In his last years he was worn down in all his joints, mostly his knees and legs. In his last few years he could only move around with the help of his cane and a “sofa bike” when he was outdoors. His heart was bad at an early age. I believe his first heart problems came in 1960. Near then ended he couldn’t take any verbal or physical actions.

He worked as a chauffer for the master of Øm Convent, on different farms and then he came to Sjælland as a soldier and stayed over there. My memories of his work was as a earth and cement worker.

He married at an early age to a girl from Arden, Johanne. I haven’t been able to find any information on her. I was told that she died before the 2nd. World war in Kulhuse, but I’m still searching information of her. His second marriage was to Gerda Ingeborg Olsen from mid Sjælland. With her he had 5 girls, Inger, Joan, Connie, Guri and Elin. They are my half sisters. I have no contact with them today, as we live our seperate lives. Marriage number 3 was with my mother and after my mother he remarried two or threes more. I’m not quite sure of it because I went to a children’s home at the age of 5 and first saw him again when I  was 14. After turning 18 I moved to Jylland and because of the distance and no telephone the contact became less and less.  He died March 31 1968 from a heart attack and that was provoked and when we found him, there was missing a lot of money and his medicine was placed where he do not coud reach it.

My mother

 My mother when she was appros. 14 in the first picture, nr. 2 approx. 20, nr. 3 approx. 25, nr. 4 approx. 40, nr. 5 on her 50th. birthday, nr. 6 she was 54 years old and the last was taken 14 dages before she died.

My mother Mary Johansen, later married as Knudsen, Andersen and Pedersen and ending with her childhood name again. She was born on the 12th. of September 1919 in Trondheim Norway and died in Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen on the 11th. of June 1974. Cause of death was stomach cancer.

She grew up in a poor house in Lademoen in the workers area on the outskirts of Trondheim. The rented a very small house with just a kitchen and 2 rooms. There were no sanitary facilities, the toilet was a bucket in the yard and water was pumped from a well. There were alot of children and my mother told  me that when she was smaller she slept in a dresser drawer and as she grew taller she slept on a bench which could be used to sleep on. The were in need of many things because the wages were small and with 2 adults and 8 children things were tight and they often went to bed hungry. When my mother was around 13 to 14 years old she ran away from home with a travelling circus, she became pregnant and was sent home again. Whom the father was was unknown, mother never told anyone whom he was and when she came home she was officially sent to a home for delicate children’s home. It was on an island named Saltøy which is near the bottom of Trondheimsfjor near Fætten. The truth was however, she went to the island to stay with someone’s family, birth the child and left the child with her sister. The child grew up as a cousin to us. First in 2002 was I told that she was our sister but regrettably she died shortly after of cancer. My half brother knew of this many years before. He held this knowledge for himself and deprived me of the happiness of having a sister, just as my sister Kirsten. The child was named Kari and lived until her death in Notodden Norway.

In 1939, my mother travelled to Denmark, It was told that it was easier to get work and there was more things to buy. She arrived in Århus and shortly after met a man, Cornelius Warnsdorf Knudsen. The name Warnsdorf was not his given name, byt a name he had bougt, becauce he was total astonic by the German things and Hitler. He was charmed her and they got married. In this marriage she had 2 boys, Georg and Jørgen.  She at one time was contacted by the police and was told that her husband was already married to one else. She was so scared and thought that it was her that had done something wrong: She moved to Copenhagen where one of her sisters had moved to. It was here where Georg and Jørgen were put in a foster home where Jørgen later was adopted out. She was, for a period, in a camp for people the Nazi do not like, but Cornelius get her out, and that was only people there was inside the Nazi's there was able to do that.

In Copenhagen she became a housekeeper for a widow with five girls. She became pregnant with this man and had my sister Kirsten. They got married and after a year I was born. It was like that there was enough girls so Kirsten was adopted out together with my half brother Jørgen. Georg stayed in the foster home. After some years my mother and father seperated. At that time she was pregnant with my other brother Niels Peter. She fell in love with an other man that had been a widow for some time. His name was Ejnar Peder Pedersne and was born on Samsø but moved as a child with his mother to Copenhagen.  Ejnar and my mother married in 1952-1953. This marriage lasted to her death in 1974, but the last few years they were not married and offically they were not living together, but this was for tax reasons. It was Ejnar there get Niels Peter adopted away, apperently he do not like to have other peoples child.

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