This period are going from the end of World War 2 and up to the present time. During the World War there was lack of all supplies and after the War most mercandies was in small rations and you need "tickets" to buy it. The last tickets was, aqfter my memory, in 1952. The workers was socially and economy backwards, with bad payment. Political was a up comming time for workers by several political parties, but theese parties have overcome themselfs, because all the thoings the workers was figthning for, they have now.  The workers figth a lot and they won the battle, and today the workers have their own house and car. From that time, where the workers had fullfill  theit task, the political parties who support them, (Laubor) was decreaced and a lot of them are not longer represented into the parlement any more. The Scandinavian people are today, most to the convervative partie, but the people are just in the middle between them, all depends how hard the taxes are in the present. The scandinavian people are become more racist, because there are many refutigives who are taqken everything without need it, and are bolcking for refuitigives whom really need help.

First generation Ė my brothers and sister

This generation consists of three people. They are listed in the order of their ages.  Click at the pictures for enlargment

A school picture   8 years old

    20 years old   Kirsten Gerda Nielsen (Andersen) approx. 25 years old

Kirsten Gerda Nielsen was born during the second world war, the times were hard and the winter was very cold. That year when Kirsten was born, the record for the coldest winter in Denmark was made. Everything was rationalized, so it was hard to keep the home warm and it was not easy to buy the day to day things that were needed. Kirsten was baptized Gerda Andersen but our father was not interested in more girls. He had five girls living at home from his first marriage, so Gerda was adopted out and they changed her name to Kirsten Gerda Nielsen. I meet Kirsten for the first time when I was around 13 years of age. At that time I did not know that we were brother and sister. We became good friends and we kind of in love with each other. One could say that it was puppy love, which was sweet and innocent. After doing some research in our family tree, everything changed and there became a very strong bondage between us. That bondage that we had was broken between hers and my half brother JÝrgen (from my mothers earlier marriage). He tried to split us apart. Kirsten married an actor named Tom Brun, whom I was informed of, and immigrated to Australia. While in Australia, Kirsten had a malignant tumour on the brain which was operated on. After the operation she returned to Denmark, but unforturnally she passed away shortly after her arrival. Her death hurt me very deeply. Although I had five halvsisters, whom I had very little contact with, they didnít really feel like real sisters to me. Even at Kirstens funeral, JÝrgen tried to push me away, he wanted me to say that I was just a friend of the family. He didnít want anyone to know about kinship. All I wanted to say was the I was also part of the family.

There is a child more, a boy, offical stillborn acording to all records, but I know, that our mother just became as a person given birth to thar child, and immedatedely that boy was given away - for money - to a rich family. My mother was never know anything else, that the child was stillborn, all was arrange by my father.


Bjarne Alfred Andersen 57 years old

Bjarne Alfred Andersen. On one of the first pages you will find what I have written about myself.

  3 year old   17 year Niels-Peter Nordahl Henriksen 52 years old

Niels-Peter Nordahl Henriksen has recently entered the family. He was born in 1951 and was adopted out at birth. I donít know really why he was adopted out. Shortly after she found out that she was with child our mother left our father and had found another man. This mans name was Einar and they got married in 1951/1953. Einer didnít like children, so it must of been him that pressured our mother to put Niels-Peter up for adoption. I thought at first that it was my father that didnít want anymore children. But now I am confused. Our mother left our father long before the birth of this child. Niels-Peter has never had the last name Andersen. He was named by his adoptive parents, whom immigrated to Canada in September 1956. Niels-Peter grew up in Canada. It was here that he received his education and started his own family. He had known for a long time that his "parents" were not his biological parents. He first started to search for biological family after the death of his adoptive parents. He first found my half brother and then one day I received a letter from a cousin in Norway, in connection about some inheritance, and was made a ware of my new brothers existence.

He looks a lot like our family. His son is the true copy of my nephew, so there is not doubt that he is my brother. It is wonderful having a brother, not just a half brother, but a real brother and we have many identical interest.

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