12th. Generation

Oh my 12th. Generation and if everyone is found there is 2068  of 9 x great grandparents is all. I have just few persons, because there is only a minor written archives from that period.

Arnold de Fine (Von Enden) was born in Antwerpen, Belgium. He was a "refugize og reason for his faith" He died in Slagelse, St. Michals parish, West Sealand, Denmark November 13th 1586. He was a orchester leader and orgel player for the Danish King Frederik II and became a trusted and private friend to the king. In an old document i the kings archives is written, that the king are given a house at the corner of Laerstraede and Algade to him so long as he live and later he got a little inn just outside "Norreport" Copenhagen. He was a rich man, he got money from the king, from the church counsil i Roskilde, from the church counsil in Aarhus, from his inn and from a big farm in Slagelse. He was approx. 1570 married  first time with Anne Pedersdatter, she died in 1576, and the same year he was married to Barbara Hieronymidatter Knoph or Knoff from Friedland, Germany. Shew died shortly after Arnold in 1586 and they was killed of the big plaig there was in Denmark at this time.

Olof Anderson was  "källermester" in Nykøbing, Sweden. Proberly married 1615 in Nykøbing, St. Nicolaj, Sweden to Mallin Jönsdotter. There is no further information for this moment

Lars Drosander Hemingii was proberly born in Juanita, Ørebro, Sweden, all his children is reported in this parish. Married  approx. 1615 to Chatarina Becchia. Both person died in 1684

Nils Furan whom is calculated to of been born in 1600/1630 in either Laanke, Stjørdal or Skatval Norway. From his son’s age he must of gotten married before 1650.  I call him Furan, but that is proberly not thrue. The reason is, that his first son is owner of the farm Furan i Lånke. He is father to Nils Furan in Lånke parish at 11. generaton, but also to a Anders Dregset in Skatval parish. I do not know where he is born, but I still searching

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