Now there are 11 generations, my 9 times great grandparents. There is not alot of information . There are only few persons  found from Scandinavian out of a total of 1024 in this generation.

Hans de Fine Arnoldsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1579 He became pricipal in Helsingør, Denmark and priest plus headpriest  in Hälsingborg, Sweden. He died in an age of 58 year June 9th 1637 in Stadsforsamlingen, Hälsingborg, Swedene. He was marreid approx. 1625 to Christine Knudsdatter,  she was born approx. 1585, possible in Copenhagen, Denmark. She died in an age of 65 year in Stadsforsamlingen, Hälsingborg, Sweden. They got five children, and one of tehm became a bishop in Bergen, Norway and three other was priests in Sweden.

Lucas Gadd Olai is born apporx. 1615 i Nykøbing Sankt Nikolai, Sweden. Married first time September 1649 in Juanita, Ørebro, Sweden to Sigrid Drosander Larsdotter, born proberly in Juanita parish. She died November 1660 in Bällinge, Skåne, Sweden and a year after he married Elisabet Fodonius Danielsdotter from Ørebro, Sweden. Lucas was a well known mann at this time and lot of documents are written about him. I have more informations among that is, that he wabecome a academich degree in 1637, Principal in Strangnæs in 1649, priest in 1654 and selected to the goverment in Stockholm in 1660. He died Februar 13th 1680

Jens Nilsson Furan was born around 1650 in Lannke. Jens died in 1728, he committed suicide out of shame because he had hit a boy servant too hard and because of this the boy died. His wife was permitted to bury him in the church cemetery, but it had to be held quietly and without a service and before sunset. He copyholded Furan in 1706 and in 1707 received permission to open a little inn on the farm for food and drinks for the people that came by. The old kings road to Trondheim went past the farm and the area around there was called Gammalåsdal. I visited the Furan farm in 1995 and spoke to 2 sisters that owned the farm at that time. They told me that the farm had not always laid here. To start with it was on a hill top where the soil could not be used. Lightning had hit the farm which caused it to burn down 3 times within a few years. It was believed that supernatural forces was giving them a message that the farm was not meant to built on the hill top, so after a big ceremony the farm was built approx. 300 meters from the hill top. It is here were the farm is now standing. Since then the farm has not burnt down and the lightning has not hit it. They have taken this as a sign that they were right about the moving the farm to the new place. We know today that lightning always strikes at the high points rather than the lower points. It was a funny story that they told about that time they lived in, 1600 – 1700, where the country was religious and full of superstition. Jens Nilsson was the brother of Anders Drægset in Skatval, so the research goes further to find more generations.He was married to Karen Pedersdatter whom I do not know anything about.

Paul Halvorsen was born in Laanke around 1645 and that is all I know of him at this moment.

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