Help! Now there is 8 x Great Grandparents. 10. Generation in all there is 512 couples in this generation, unfortunately I have only found 9 persons. As I gradually read 21 books with generation and names I will fall apond more names for the Norwegian side. The danish part will be more difficult to come deaper into, but it can be done, it just takes more time and energy to do it. We are so far into the past that finding out more is very minumal. I only know a small bit of it. For the most part the information I can get is from the church books where the children's names are listed. In these books at that time the names were not written under the mother's names only the father's names, so it is unknown whom the mother was to these children. Church books were first kept in Jutland in 1645 which is just a guess.  

Søren was born in the area around Nølev in Hads Herred before 1640. That is all I have about him.

Mads was born in the same area and around the same time, before 1640

Christoffer de Fine Hansen was born in Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden 1626. He was priest in Brandstad, Lund .  He died August 27th 1660 in Brandstad, Skåne, Sweden Marriage in 1660  with Anna Borck Andersdatter. She is born in Brandstad, Skåne, Sweden 1638 and she died March 8th 1700 in Brandstad.

Johannes Gadd Lucae born 1654 in Bällinge, Skåne, Sweden and he died and was burried December 3th 1679 in Ludgo, Skåne, Sweden. He was priest in Ludgo parish. He was married to Maria Fernberg (Turrenberg), born in 1658 and she died and was burried December 3th 1697 in Ludgo, Skåne, Sweden.

Hans Påvelsson was citizen and procurator en Copenhagen, Denmark. Married approx. 1670 in Copenhagen to Inger Christensdatter from Copenhagen, Denmark. No further information yet.


Mikkel is from Norway and born in Skogn around 1680

Anders Olsen Reppeskroen, father to our offical first ancestor was born in Lannke before 1693, and died on the 27th. of June 1745, and was married before 1745 to Beret Sørendatter whom is also born before 1693 in Skatval community. The books do not go any further than that.

Nils Jensen Furan: He was called Furan, even though he was user of a farm Vestre Rødde together with his brother John. In 1730 the farm was further taxed with fire tax for 2 ort and 16 shillings. It was a high amount at that time, but Danmark had had a big fire in Copenhagen so the citizens of both countries had to pay for it. He is the father to our first female ancstor and was from Laanke and born in 1686. He died in May 1751. He married Gjertrud Paalsdatter Laanke in 1720, whom had been married to an earlier owner of Rødde. That is how in became owner of the farm Laanke in Laanke ares. She died in 1729. After her deaht he remarried in 1730 to Anne Jonsdatter Skatvalsmyren in Skatval community. She was born in 1696 and died in 1778. 

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